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We want to hear from you. Tell us about your experience with Hospice of the Valley. Personal stories are the best way to learn how hospice and palliative care can make a difference.

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John Radway

"Hospice of the Valley eased Claire's passing over the course of three months and saved my sanity through the memory caregiver support group. I'm now a volunteer. I owe HOV a great debt of gratitude."

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Dawn Peterson

“What can I say about Hospice of the Valley? Angels sent from above, that is what they are! I am so very grateful for all of the support that was provided by their team of nurses and social workers for my mother…

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Myong Kellar

Click the image to the left to hear a mother and daughter talk about hospice care.

“In Korea our culture shows respect to the elderly. They have a place of honor. At this stage of Mom’s life, she’s very comfortable with Hospice of the Valley – the care she receives – because there is that sense of respect and giving dignity to the people who are there,” said Myong Kellar.

Holly Easton

“It was almost two years ago that my mother, Jean Easton, entered your facility. She had suffered a major stroke and her system began shutting down. She had a living will and wanted no life-sustaining treatments. The staff was absolutely wonderful to my family.

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