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Light Up a Life Tribute

Paying Tribute

Celebrating loved ones who are no longer with us, yet live in our hearts forever.

Here, we honor family members whose photos could not be included in the 2022 Light Up a Life video tribute.

To view or share the televised program , visit: aztv.com/LightUpaLife.

Search for photos by the first letter of your loved one’s last name.

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Josephine Ayers
Art Benson
Dorothy Benson
Don and Pete Crawford
Joan Crawford
James Dale
Edward DeLuna Jr.
Joan Eberly
Kurt Eberly
Milford Eberly
Gary Eckhardt
John Enroth
Frances and Ron Gluck
Nora Gomez
Leon Goodman
Mila Guthrie
Eric Hacker
Mary Hansen
Jim Haugse
Sandra Hovey
Gary Hurst
Betty Jacobsen
Carol Jensen
Robert Johnson
Alma Jones
Thomas Kimbro
Robin Kolkoski
John Krathwohl
Antonietta Lombardo
Leonard Mactas
Israel McDaniel
Clyde (Mac) McVicar
John Mellor
Alan Place
Henry Ponce
Vanessa Powell
Kent M. Roby
Maclin E. Roby
John Shimek
Derek Simenson
Luna Marissa Tiedemann
Louise E. Tregellas
Mary and Wayne Turner
Ben Walton
Veronica and Mario Zarate