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Grief Resources

Mother and daughter hugging

If you are feeling overwhelmed in your grief journey, our counselors have created some helpful strategies for finding comfort. You may also enjoy our guided relaxation videos which are family-friendly and appropriate for all ages. Children may enjoy our virtual story times. All these resources can be found on our New Song Connections page.

The grief journey is different for everyone and it takes as long as it takes. Be gentle with yourself. Here are some valuable tools that may help support you as you heal.

Adult Grief Resources

Help for adults experiencing grief from the loss of a loved one.

Adult Grief Resources

Family Grief Resources

Tools to assist families with children who are grieving a death.

Family Grief Resources

Teen Grief Resources

Helpful videos produced by teens for young people in grief.

Teen Grief Resources

Creating a Legacy

Many families find it comforting to spend time together talking about memories of their loved one’s life as they travel the hospice journey together.

Here are some tools that may be helpful.


Since 2003, StoryCorps has given hundreds of thousands of Americans the chance to record interviews about their lives to pass wisdom from one generation to the next and to leave a legacy for the future.

Visit StoryCorps

Legacy Card

It can be very meaningful for your loved one to talk about their memories, dreams and passions in life. Use the questions below or think up some of your own.  If you’d like a personal copy of the Legacy Card below, contact Barbara Hawes at bhawes@hov.org and we’ll mail it to you.

View Card