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Resident Learning Modules

Please complete this Post-Survey after your rotation.

Using the online modules:
Login with your email address and the password that was given to you.

As you go through the modules, you will learn more if you click on the incorrect answers even after you have found the correct answer. You are only evaluated on the post-test, not your responses during the module itself. We encourage you to look at all answers, since the pop-ups are educational.

Required modules:

Basic Pain Management
Health Care Decisions
Hospice in a Nutshell - If you attended orientation, you have already passed this module
Managing Agitation in Dementia

Optional modules:
Advanced Pain Management - Part I
Advanced Pain Management - Part II: Methadone

For Surgery Residents
(optional for all others)

End of Life Decision Making for Surgeons 

For Psychiatry Residents
(optional for all others)

Personality Disorders in End of Life Care
Substance Abuse in End of Life Care

For Pediatric Residents

Basic Pain Management for Pediatrics
Cultural Issues in Pediatric Palliative Care
Dyspnea for Pediatrics
Hospice in a Nutshell for Pediatrics
Pediatric Healthcare Decisions